Coming Back Soon with 2+ Years of Heavy Experience !

It’s been almost 2+ years before I made a strong presence in the Online World ! Lot of things happened in the last few years. Lot, really lot happened which I can never forget in my lifetime.

The biggest mistake I made in my life is I believed many persons, believed too much and it almost resulted in loss of their relationship. The second most issue is I was totally cheated by the person whom I believed so much from my childhood. I am inspired by many persons but my first inspiration was he only and he alone made me to get inspired by many others. And finally the time came which made me to hate him totally now.

Even though I was cheated by the person, I should thank him. I do remember the days when he taught me about wiring, machines, etc., etc… And finally he taught me a very good and big lesson about life !

To say, I have paid a lot in the last few years to learn the lesson by him.. Lost many relationships, money, business, good name earned over the years and much more.. But now I understand that everything is for good only. If he haven’t played in my life, I might not have grown this much stronger and learned the things.

The situation he created helped me to get more stronger, helped me to identify the wrong relationships(persons), gave me the strength to face any situation, made me to know the value of money and finally I got few new true and caring relationships I can never loose my life !

I also found who were true friends during this situation only. Many of my friends helped me in many ways, especially financially. I never expected those guys will come up to this level for me. I thank them very much, without their support it might not be possible for me to pass that situation.

And finally after crossing everything, I am coming back very soon.. I will be back very stronger with lot of things, gonna do big very soon in everything with the dreams I had over the last 3 years ! No more delays and no more excuses, everything will be big !

Already started to make a big change in a business to compete with others heavily ! and lot of things gonna keep coming over the next few months.

To the haters and to the well wishers, Keep Watching.. I am Coming Stronger with Speed :)

Moving WordPress Core folders to avoid attacks !

This is my first post about WordPress on my blog here. So, i want it to be very useful and here it is. As being WordPress addict i use it for the every website i create both for my purpose and for clients too.

I always enjoy using WordPress for my projects at the same time the big head ache i get with WordPress is the Hacking attacks and spams i receive on the WordPress powered sites. Since WordPress is the best performer to rank a site good in search engines many started to use it and also many hackers/spammers too started to attack the WordPress powered site to for many purposes like Getting Backlinks, To Spam and sale products, promote products or affiliate items and the list goes on. Continue reading

New Digg ! It went down :(

Update : The DIGG is back to online now !

Before few days i heard that Digg is going to Roll out its new layout to everyone, but unfortunately i never got it for a long time. And today when i tried to visit Digg, to my surprise i gotta see the its new version !

But sadly immediately after i tried to login into my account it went down ! I tried refreshing the site many times continuously and it was still down…. Here i am sharing a screenshot of the page…

New Digg Went Down

Will update the post once i get the Digg back online…

I am Back to Blogging !

After struggling for a long time, today i just decided to come back with my blog here and start blogging what i wanna write. Actually everyday i think a lot of things to post in my blog, but my works stopped me from doing this. But, today i just decided to spend atleast an hour for blogging and to write some useful stuffs which i like to share with the world !

So from now onwards i am going to update my blog surely a day once !

Hello World !

Hai, this is My first blog post here. I just don’t know what to put here. I always want to keep my blog updated regularly but most of time i end with a confusion on what to publish here. But today i just decided to publish atleast one post per three days. Lets see what i am going to do here..

I hope from the new year atleast i will update my blog regularly… And i wish you all my friends a Advance Happy New Year 2010 !